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Support for the successful business:

The document processing and supporting processes are more effective and cost efficient when done by specialists. Outsourcing the supporting activities allows our clients to focus on their  core business operations. Project based, hourly based, regularly service – you can be sure that QuickDocs will provide the results you’re looking for regardless of the model.

We understand that the quality and reliability of the services are mandatory for our clients and we maintain highest standards in the field of security expertise. The natural development of our continuous improvement is the current process for preparation for ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 27001 (security) certification.

Benefits for the client:

●    Decreasing the operative and administrative expenses
●    You gain extra space in your office
●    Fast and accurate delivery of documents
●    Excellent security
●    Saving hundreds of hours annually for searching and copying documents
●    Increasing the control of authorised documents access
●    No more lost documents
●    Establishment of a reliable and stable method for management and storage of the arhive


● stable development thanks to the availability of all necessary resources at any moment with minimal expense (pay per use)
● easier access to knowledge, good practices, technologies, which leads to an opportunity for innovations and re-engineering
● more transparency, monitoring and control of the processes and activities, instead of the managing employees and suppliers model.
● shortening the response time for internal and external changes
● excludes the need for many contracts with suppliers of different services and products, continuous hiring/firing employees for administrative and supporting functions. QuickDocs provides both – executing some of the activities or acquiring the best supplier if necessary or required

For whom:​

For clients that are small companies or a start-up business with lack of the necessary resources, technologies, knowledge or time to develop and manage important administrative and supporting processes.

Our more sophisticated solutions target foreign and Bulgarian companies for whom the outsourcing of supporting operations is a known practice. They’re looking for qualified, multifunctional and reliable partner not just a service provider.

Government structures can also count on QuickDocs services and products, especially about solutions, based on managing and processing paper documents, digital archives and data processing.