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QuickSearch is a software for managing and storing digital (scanned) documents with a web-based access. Its functionality allows adding new documents, searching for documents by pre-specified criteria and keywords, opening, saving, printing.

The application can be configured extremely easy, so it could be adapted to any specific organizational structure, business model, processes, flow of documents. Using this kind of solution provides maximum functionality, security and convenient operation.

QuickSearch can be installed on your system or used as a service hosted on our servers.

Make your documents accessible with just a few clicks!

Management of legal actions in a company or lawfirm could be highly optimized with the implementation of a software application to centralize the huge volume of information about the on-going court proceedings, to provide easy and fast finding data, as well as to guarantee compliance of all the deadlines and completing all of the tasks

Implementing such a light application adapted exclusively in accordance with the client’s organization and its strategy allows raising the operative efficiency, optimises the daily activity, improves the data analysis and provides an accurate, detailed and on-time information to the management at the same time.

The legal software can be installed on your system or used as a service hosted on our servers.

Technologize the routine in the law!

What do clients think of us?

Client’s opinion about our work

“All of the actions were completed professionally and according to the applicable legal acts, as well as our company’s internal requirements.”
Information Services Director, Pension Insurance Company
“During our joint activities “Quickdocs” LTD demonstrated itself as a reliable supplier, that is working with preciseness and professionalism. We recommend “QuickDocs” LTD as a reliable partner with effective work style, having a competent and experienced team.”
Head of Operational Risk and Internal Control System Procurement Manager, Leasing company
“QuickDocs” LTD completed all of the activities according to the contract for documents processing (classification, organization, page numeration, indexation, inventory, labeling) with high competence and quality.”
Director of Sofia Territorial Directorate, National Social Security Institute