Data entry for clients cards

QuickDocs is supporting the successful process of changing and issuance of new client discount cards for loading fuel in one of the leading gas station networks in Bulgaria by data entry service from filled in client forms. Due to the high interest in the discount cards, the projects still continues.

Digitalisation and registration of incoming and outgoing correspondence

The client’s eight-year-long correspondence archive was scanned, the digital copies – indexed and arranged, and each document (letter) – described in details in the created comprehensive register.

Digitalisation and management of outgoing invoices

QuickDocs accomplished a project for digital archiving of outgoing invoices and their following storage and management in quickSearch, which our client – leading pharmaceutical company – got the right for using.

Digital archive of a financial-accounting documentation

QuickDocs digitalized accounting and legal documents of clients of one of the leading accounting company in Bulgaria. The whole volume of documents was scanned, indexed and structured in a functional digital archive for the operational needs of the accounting firm.

Digital archive of insurance documents

We currently ensure the digitalisation, classification and identification of the full volume of insurance documents of one of the leading insurance companies in Bulgaria.

Public tenders of NSSI for payrolls processing

Thorough processing of payrolls and employees records  in compliance with NSSI Instruction No 5 of NSSI about terminated insurers. QuickDocs’ team did all of the necessary activities – arranging, cleaning,  page expertise, page numbering , binding, preparation of inventory lists, assurance inscriptions and cover pages.

Digital records of insured persons

Quickdocs processed the whole archive of the pension insurance company client documentation in compliance with Order No 47 from 11.07.2012 of FSC about the requirements towards the information systems of the pension insurance companies. All of the documents were scanned, named, structured, digitally signed and submitted for import into the client’s system.

Archiving, storing and managing documents

QuickDocs currently provides thorough paper document management for several clients. The management includes regularly collection, inventory and registration, storage, deliveries of required documents, retention management.

Digital archive of lawsuits

QuickDocs provided the scanning, indexing and structuring of the whole documentation about legal cases, processing both external law firms documents and internal for the firm-client’s legal department documentation.

Digitalisation of personnel files

QuickDocs scanned, named and structured in a digital archive documents from the personnel’s files for the needs of our client.

Inventory of securities

QuickDocs completed a thorough review and a detailed inventory of a several tens of thousands of securities for the needs of our client. A thorough, unified register of the securities was created as a final result.

Software platform for reporting and a legal department

QuickDocs and our partner company – a software developer – created a web-based platform, allowing the generation of a variety of reports based on imported and/or fill in data from different sources and formats, as well as managing the activity of a legal department. The functionality allows centralization of the information about all of the legal cases  and their management.

What do clients think of us?

Client’s opinion about our work

“All of the actions were completed professionally and according to the applicable legal acts, as well as our company’s internal requirements.”
Information Services Director, Pension Insurance Company
“During our joint activities “Quickdocs” LTD demonstrated itself as a reliable supplier, that is working with preciseness and professionalism. We recommend “QuickDocs” LTD as a reliable partner with effective work style, having a competent and experienced team.”
Head of Operational Risk and Internal Control System Procurement Manager, Leasing company
“QuickDocs” LTD completed all of the activities according to the contract for documents processing (classification, organization, page numeration, indexation, inventory, labeling) with high competence and quality.”
Director of Sofia Territorial Directorate, National Social Security Institute