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About us

QuickDocs is a company having  specialists with more than 10 years of professional experience in both document processing – scanning, archiving, inventory, data entry, organizing documents – and creating thorough solutions for document flow and administrative activities optimization, marketing, software, accounting.

Our goal is to offer high quality services in short terms at an exceptional competitive price. We have proven that our solutions guarantee cost saving, compliance and process simplification thanks to our know-how, innovative technologies and consultancy approach to the clients.


Our principles

CORRECTNESS, because it’s important to rely on your partner
PROMPTNESS, because you must get results immediately
QUALITY, because you must get results immediately
COMPETITIVE PRICES, because support activities have to be a minor cost

How we work

QuickDocs provides  best practices based services combining  traditional methods and technological innovations to achieve your goals. If you have targeted cost and process optimisation in your company, if you need a temporary resources or you have a specific question, please make sure to contact us and after a short meeting you will get a technical and a financial offer. You will have at your disposal the technological and human resource you need for achieving your goals right after you have approved our offer.

Why quickdocs

Our experience with companies from different sectors, the usage of innovative technologies and the wide-ranged profile of our specialists allow us to create working solutions based on best practices and in compliance with your corporate strategy and culture. QuickDocs’ team will answer all of your questions and will provide quality solutions for the supporting processes and operations in your company.

Outsourcing of the supporting processes to a strategic partner allows your organization to focus on your core and main activities and to keep  the infrastructure, the personnel and the expenses for supporting operations at a minimal and optimal level.

What do clients think of us?

References from our clients about our job

All of the actions were completed professionally and according to the applicable legal acts, as well as our company’s internal requirements.
Information Services Director, Pension Insurance Company
During our joint activities “Quickdocs” LTD demonstrated itself as a reliable supplier, that is working with preciseness and professionalism. We recommend “QuickDocs” LTD as a reliable partner with effective work style, having a competent and experienced team.
Head of Operational Risk and Internal Control System Procurement Manager, Leasing company
“QuickDocs” LTD completed all of the activities according to the contract for documents processing (classification, organization, page numeration, indexation, inventory, labeling) with high competence and quality.
Director of Sofia Territorial Directorate, National Social Security Institute